17 kitchen design looks elegant with black granite kitchen worktops & countertop

17 kitchen design looks elegant with black granite kitchen worktops & countertop 17

Worktops and Countertops for Kitchens – Buyers Guide to Materials

Counter or Even the work-top isn’t merely necessary to get a cooking area; it’s also an integral part of its design. Food preparation can supply a large amount of wear and tear into the surfaces in the kitchen. Through this article, we take a look at the various materials utilized for countertops and talk about the reasons for selecting them. Whether its durability, cost, or cleanliness, then you can discover the advantages and disadvantages of each material beneath.

Laminate Work Tops

This option can be a wildly popular option for kitchen countertops and also is available in a variety of colors and textures. It’s not that hardwearing and can become scratched or burnt off, and has dirty easily. It’s maybe perhaps not constructed to last. Should you choose to pick laminate, you can guard your surfaces together using trivets and chopping boards.


Fairly Cheap.

A broad range of colors and patterns.



Perhaps not sensible to make utilize of as a cutting edge surface or maybe to place hot pans upon.
It cannot be repaired in case it has damaged. It has to have replaced. This is quite apparent in colors.

Granite Work Tops

Granite has become quickly the most frequently encountered form of stone utilized to get a counter. Granite is quarried globally, together with all colors and patterns that reveal that the spot and also the geological situations that created it. Each slab is more exceptional, using random and contradictory patterns to get a great character and even look. It is durable, and it will not scratch or burn up off, and also keeps its color. Unfortunately, Granite can be a rather costly material though the appearance is worth the price.


A variety of shades of natural stone.

Excessively durable.


High Priced
To stop staining, it needs to get resealed.

Stainless Worktops

The backsplash and also the spout can be made from precisely the same parcel of steel, so making sure that there are not any awkward corners or even gaps for foods.




Heat evidence.

All of the joints can be polished to get a seamless influence (may charge extra).


Can scratch and dent (however newer layouts can consist of textured endings that can disguise the scratches).
A top maintenance possibility.
High Priced.

Wooden and Butcher-block Work-tops

Wooden will always grant a great appearance and add character to a cooking area. To the counter, but it is vulnerable to scratching and clipping edge. Hot pans may burn off up it leaves marks, and also it can be un-hygienic whether meat or chicken is prepared for it. It is one among those surfaces that aren’t going to damage your knives.


Ideal for reducing.

Just surface that isn’t going to damage your knives.

Incredibly attractive.


Cuts can reveal, however, can be sanded out.
Hot pans may burn off up it leaves marks.
Substantial maintenance.

Quartz offers a great natural appearance for any cooking area. Quartz surfaces are sterile because the material has been more nonporous, and hence bacteria and mold have nowhere to cover. Cambria is made inside the USA and can be available in 3 4 colors that are all exactly of the same price. Silestone is made from the Spanish company Consentino and can be available in 4 6 colors.




Heat Resistant.

Sounds great.

It doesn’t have to get resealed every couple of years (contrary to Granite).


High priced (about 10% greater than Granite).
Place on backsplashes just.

Corian, Avonite and additional Stable Surfaces Work-tops

A countertop that is composed of a suitable plastic all of the way is said to become an excellent surface countertop (as compared to people constructed in layers i.e., laminate). They are similar to quartz so that they indeed are also hardwearing. You can get to pay about 3 x longer than you’d for laminate, and double as much to get timber flooring. A broad range of colors and styles are available to pick from, and many providers will provide you an excellent guarantee.


You can create your design.

Backsplashes can be any elevation and coved to get an exact clean appearance.

Seams are virtually invisible.

This material is more renewable and repairable.


The price tag is elevated when all available possibilities are all used.


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